MDX 15/20 and new SRM

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MDX 15/20 and new SRM

Post by soapysue » Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:14 pm

I was planning to buy an MDX 20 in the New Year, Christmas sales permitting. But I understand these have now been discontinued to be replaced with the SRM. The new machine looks better from a milling perspective but a big part of the MDX appeal was the scanning head, but it doesn't look like the SRM has one of these, even as an option? I know there are some fairly good laser scanners now, but the things I'm hoping to scan aren't really suitable for laser scanning.

Does anyone know if the SRM is definitely not going to have a scanning head, and if not whether there are any good 'contact scanning' alternatives?

If I were to track down a good condition second hand MDX 20, how long will these be supported by Roland for spare parts etc?

And finally, I *think* the MDX 20 will handle light metals given time, will the SRM also be able to cope with this?

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