*NEW* monoFab 3D print and 3D Mill!

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*NEW* monoFab 3D print and 3D Mill!

Post by Joe Wigzell » Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:35 pm

*NEW* monoFab ARM-10 3D Printer and SRM-20 Desktop Milling Machine

Roland DG has announced today the release of the monoFab series, including the company’s first 3D additive rapid prototyping machine, the ARM-10, and a new 3D subtractive prototyping and manufacturing machine, the SRM-20.
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The ARM-10 3D printer is ideal for quickly checking a design in the initial stage of prototyping or modelling a complex shape. Incorporating a stereo-lithography process with a UV-LED projection system, the ARM-10 builds models by sequentially curing layers of resin from a liquid resin vat. Simultaneous production of multiple objects can be accomplished within the same work area, reducing modelling time when compared to methods where lasers expose specific areas. Roland’s imageCure resin becomes semi-transparent when cured and post-processing procedures such as support* removal and polishing are simple to do. By adopting a suspended build system, resin consumption is minimised.

Taking advantage of more than 25 years of Roland DG experience in manufacturing 3D devices, the evolutionary SRM-20 desktop milling machine incorporates several innovative subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) features to meet the needs of a new era. The SRM-20’s strengths lie in providing outstanding accuracy and smooth finished surfaces. With its new milling spindle, collet, circuit board and firmware, the SRM-20 delivers maximum speed and precision while retaining a compact desktop size. The SRM-20 can mill a variety of non-proprietary materials typically used for prototyping, including modelling board, acrylic, ABS, wood and wax, making it possible to check the weight and feel of models using the same material properties as the final production. An interlocked full cover prevents dust from escaping during milling for safe operation and clean environment.

There's no question that Roland’s monoFab desktop fabrication solutions combine unbeatable performance with known Roland reliability. But to give you ultimate peace of mind the ARM-10 comes with a 1 year RolandCare warranty.

*These temporary parts provide support in order to prevent deformities or drops occurring during layering and are removed upon completion.
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