Printer & Cutter buying advice!

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Printer & Cutter buying advice!

Post by Tommyknowles » Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:13 pm

Hi guys!

I'm looking for some advice on choosing between a few options of a Printer & Plotter or to go for a Print & Cut machine.

I was just curious to find out will a Roland Lej 640 with registration marks cut on a GX640 all okay
as I've had previous experiance with other Rolands and has been fine doing so!

Also the company i work for are looking at investing in a new printer as well as a new plotter but we are torn between the two options available, our choices have been narrowed down to.

Print & Cut machine - the XR-640
Printer & Separate plotter option - RF-640 & GX-640

We have no use really for Metallic inks and our Lej can print white, it was a option given to us has we currently have VP-540.

but moving forward would it be best to select the RF-640 & GX640 so all our machines can seamlessly work together? and with the slight difference in speed is it really worth us spending a extra £5000.00 on the print and cut machine when the cheaper option should be able to work with out current Lej and give us more ease for cutting coloured vinyl?

I've kinda made up my mind personally :P But it would be much appreciated if someone could offer some input and advice!
Thanks guys


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Re: Printer & Cutter buying advice!

Post by mrtn » Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:48 pm

Looks like you have a well set workflow in place and would benefit from having separate devices. In every other case, such as getting the first machine, I would recommend the XR-640. To cut LEJ-640's prints it should work just fine.

XR-640 has better print quality being a 7/8-colour machine compared to RF-640. Regular sticker jobs are okay but small multilevel colour works and monochrome prints are better on the XR.
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