WANTED Roland plotter printer must be cheapy

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WANTED Roland plotter printer must be cheapy

Post by adamfromayr » Sun May 19, 2019 11:32 am


Over a year ago i bought a cheap VP-540 And i have had constant issues with it and to this day have not even been able to cut anything let alone print, so im going to sell it as parts,

Im hoping someone has a decent working Roland Plotter and printer for sale under £1000

i dont mind if its dirty slightly damaged etc as long as its working! i can rent a van and collect if anyone has a decent model that works ok? please let me know

i love refurbishing things and want this to print of new logos for the items i refurbish, its a new business and havenet started it yet, im currebtly getting into CNC, CNC PLASMA, Powder coating and media blasting! maybe a trade? im very good at refurbishing things, and can also offer a powder coating service 1m x 1.5 high by 40cm deep!

if you have a spare working plotter printer? works ok? pleae let me know and if you want anything powder coated? sand blasted? refurbished etc? maybe we can do a deal?

I have a plasma cutter, CNC Table, Sand Blaster, Powder coating set up, but missing a decent plotter printer? dont want to max any cards out again!

please see pics, would look 10 x times better with a good logo decal on it

Medimum sized plotter printer would be good VP-300 Upwards?

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