Replaced DX4 printhead on my LEF 12 myself!

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Replaced DX4 printhead on my LEF 12 myself!

Post by marcosn » Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:29 am

Hello, i just want to share my experience replacing the white/gloss printhead on my lef 12. I bought the printer used about a year ago and it was printing ok until i noticed one missing white nozzle and two gloss nozzles.. a few months later 2 more white nozzles went missing. The missing gloss nozzles were causing ink mist so that was annoying.

I was new to the uv printing world and i didnt know these printers require constant maintenance so thats probably the reason that happened. Anyways i tried every printhead cleaning method from cleaning the surface with a foam swab to pushing cleaning fluid with a syringe from the top of the printhead with no luck. Since i have some mechanical knowledge i decided to buy a printhead from Digiprint and replace it myself. I bought the service manual from ebay for like 2 dollars and watched videos on youtube specially the ones from Digiprint on how to replace a printhead. It took me over an hour to replace it because i had to buy a long screwdriver to remove the screws holding the printhead. The manual tells you everything step by step also it tells you how to do the alignment. After the installation I noticed that the white side of the new printhead was clogged because it wouldnt print anything on the test print so what i did i pushed cleaning solution with the syringe from the top of the printhead and that solved the problem!..

I bought the printhead for $515 from digiprint along with 2 dampers.. my local dealer wanted to charge me $800 for the printhead and $400 for the installation.

These printers are not rocket science so dont be afraid to replace parts yourself. Be resourceful :D

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