Egx-30 that won’t power on & egx-400 that won’t move

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Egx-30 that won’t power on & egx-400 that won’t move

Post by RDominguez » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:59 am

We currently have 2 engravers, an egx-30 that will not power on, power cable checked working but nothing happens when switch flipped to on.
Also have egx-400 that powers on and when item sent from computer spindle spins up to speed and then stops. If I attempt to reprint, nothing occurs. If I restart the engraver, I can resend the job but spindle spins up and then stops. No movement occurs during print attempt. I can move on all axis and start and change spindle speed via pad, so I figure communication is issue but replaced cables and same issue continues.
Purchased spindle and replaced based on email conversation with Roland rep.
PC was recently replaced with new one and fresh XP install
Any ideas?

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Kai Perry
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Re: Egx-30 that won’t power on & egx-400 that won’t move

Post by Kai Perry » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:13 am

One the EGX-400 it is more like to be the spindle motor, achieving power then stopping, you can usually tell this by removing the spindle belt and then seeing if it constantly drives or the speed changes.

On the EGX-30, it'll likely be the internal transformer.
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