Bevelling plastic plates

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Bevelling plastic plates

Post by jopatengraving » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:52 am

Hi All, hoping someone can help or suggest best method to use.

I want to start doing plastic signage (Electrical tags etc...) that need a beveled edge. I'm using an egx 300. I purchased a cutter than does beveling and it is .60 at the tip so quite large as it was the small width they had

Whats the best way to ensure the plates are the exact size I need when taking into account the cutter above and best method for cutting the 1.5mm plastic (How many passes etc...).

Plates are varying from 50mm x 10mm to 180mm x 150mm,

I saw there was a beveller machine but not sure I need this but also cant find one in australia.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated with what has worked for you.


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