RML vs G-code accuracy on MDX-540s

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RML vs G-code accuracy on MDX-540s

Post by viteo » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:03 am

Can't find any information about this.
Is it possible to achieve 0.001 mm accuracy using RML on MDX-540?

The line from the RML-1 PROGRAMING GUIDELINE pdf: "the unit of measurement for the coordinate system is 1/100 mm".
Input parameters for movement commands accept floating-point numbers, therefore I can pass there '0.1' and the machine should move by 0.001 mm. But instead, this value is rounded off to 0. Similarly, 0.5 is rounded to 1. Thus, it simply lost one point of accuracy.
The G-code commands is by default in 0/1000 mm units (G21).

Am I missing something?

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