What do you charge?

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James Wallace
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What do you charge?

Post by James Wallace » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:17 pm

I am interested in finding out what you would typically charge for wrapping a car - say a mid sized car such as a focus, or VW Golf. Plus for larger van work. I haven't done a lot of this work yet - but my research indicates about £1200 for the car and £2K for a standard van.

Plus - how long do you normally tend to keep the car - I'm guessing it's about a week - for prep etc.?

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Re: What do you charge?

Post by biggerstickers » Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:05 pm

Hi James, I run the wrap training for Roland and these issues are covered on the course, there is no best answer here as there is rarely a 'typical' job. Also much more information is required regarding job before prices can be established. The prices you have are a good start but can vary drastically depending on artwork, car, finish etc you can have a Temporary basic colour change from £600 - a special finish film inc door shuts etc £2500 and vans can be even more difference! prices also vary around the country and will be different for colour change or digital print. Also are you a one man band as this will be less efficient cleaning time etc and yes I allow 4 days but deliver back early if possible!!!!! it shouldn't take that long 1-2 days
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