Requesting opinions on possible pouch-to-pump air-lock

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Requesting opinions on possible pouch-to-pump air-lock

Post by EccenticSupportman » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:51 am

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at a TrueVis SG-300 (out of warranty) which I think has an air-lock or blockage in the black tubing somewhere. I have a specific technical queries that I would like opinions on, but first some background.

During printing I’ve been watching to see if black ink was going through the black tubing from the ink pouch to pump to damper. (Panels off to see this). There are noticeable breaks in the ink inside the tubing – bits where there is no ink on the insides that I thought I could use to observe ink flowing through – nothing moving from pump to damper.
Plus the black damper swells up, has next to no ink in it, black output varies from almost nothing to nothing. So I think it is only getting the very tiny amounts of ink still in the tubing, and dragging in air somehow.
I think the air lock may be in the pouch-to-pump area. So far all levels of cleaning in the menus have made no difference.

Now my query – there is this plastic cylinder which is between the pouch and the pump. It’s got clear plastic tape on the top and bottom. On the other colours I can see visible ink against the top plastic tap cover. See attached artist’s impression.
On the black I have a suspicion this cylinder may be not as filled. I’m trying to get a red light to confirm (because shining black into plastic tape on a black cylinder is not accurate).

What is this cylinder for? I’m guessing some sort of visual indicator or a means of sucking out ink or air?

I’m slightly nervous removing the plastic tape will cause something… hilarious to happen.

Thanks everyone, best regards.

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