roland vp300 (upgraded to vp300i firmware) print isssue

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roland vp300 (upgraded to vp300i firmware) print isssue

Post by Drunknspike » Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:24 pm

im getting lines in my prints or am i just being picky with quality ? printed using high quality and error diffusion and the metamark md5 profile for my md5 vinyl see image ive done calibrations nozzles are ok the cyan has a faint nozzle (see image of test prints ignore the over printing of the nozzle pattern was user error )

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Re: roland vp300 (upgraded to vp300i firmware) print isssue

Post by woolly » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:07 am

dont know what the difference between the modified machines are but what i see is the test print feed appears good which is a machine setting and vw possibly sending a different feed rate from the md 5 profile those dark red brown colours are the most troublesome i have found.
does the 300 i print the wave pattern mode ?

personally i have not really got on with 3rd party profiles with vw and if the material is white and solvent receptive using one of the generic ones ok.
the image shown shows poor colours.
you could pick a few pages from the roland colour library using the md5 and generic profiles to see the difference.

we use md 5 a lot and the generic profile 123 going up in quality sign & display 0 feed. mind you a lot depends on the quality of the artwork you throw at it .

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Re: roland vp300 (upgraded to vp300i firmware) print isssue

Post by Kai Perry » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:59 am

The difference between the VP-300/VP-300i is the ability to utilise the intelligent pass control profiles, you can download both from this website.

From the print it looks like the feed calibration may be set to use default media settings in VersaWorks as the feed looks correctly set, other than that I would say it looks like what I would expect from the machine.

The slight nozzle deflections on the cyan and black may add to the striations in the print, you could also try slowing the head speed down, to improve the mottle.
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