Assistance appreciated with Bi-Dir Detail settings

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Assistance appreciated with Bi-Dir Detail settings

Post by EccenticSupportman » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:44 am

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to re-align the bi-directional printing of our TrueVIS SG-300 following a replacement of the yellow/black head. I have a specific question to ask of you, first here is the situation.

The first test print we did of graphics showed ghosting horizontally of the black ink. I used the Simple setting first in the Bi-Dir menu but that was not making much of a difference, so I went into the Detail menu, printed off the test page, and have been tweaking the values. Black, cyan and magenta look great. :)

Yellow is the only one left with a visual ghosting. About 1.5 mm ‘shadow’ to side of a yellow graphic or text. I’ve tried playing with the settings in the Detail area (went too far and fixed the yellow and then ‘shadowed’ the black again… so reverted that), but I might not be changing the correct setting for the yellow head.

The Detail section has 4 values

Setting 1 - H1 = -12, H2 = 20
Setting 2 - H1 = -6, H2 = 8

Can someone tell me what Setting 1 and Setting 2 mean? I’m wondering if it is a reference to the colours on those heads? (So Setting 1, H2 refers to Yellow perhaps?)

Or is setting 1 for printing, and setting 2 a reference to aligning cutting afterwards?

Before I started, the Details settings originally had this:

Setting 1 – H1 =1, H2 = 0
Setting 2 – H1 =1, H2 = 0

Appreciate any assistance you cam provide, thank you and may you have a good day.

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