control software for MDX 650

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control software for MDX 650

Post by RolandCTSA » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:19 am

Good day to you.
I have been on your website for the better part of the day.

I am a service provider to the cadcam industry.
I have a client who has a Roland mdx 650 machine. He has had this machine for about twelve years.
1 key change that happened over the past year, is the machine with control software has changed from an HP desktop to a lenova all in one unit. I.e PC and screen 1 piece. Since this happened the roland machine seems to have a buffer problem. Example it is as if the machine has zero look ahead on the nc file. It operates line for line. The current control is serial via RS232.
Now I have attempted the method of installing the printer driver. When doing this the serial link becomes in active.

Thus my key question is still, what control software could i use for file transfer.
Note my file for the the machine is being generated by Artcam.

Please advise: I have obviously attempted consulting with Roland, there answer is Dr engrave, but they do not have an answer to use the generated nc file from artcam.

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